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WINNER - Oniros Film Awards - FIRST TIME
BEST ACTRESS - Glendale International Fi
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HONORABLE MENTION - London International


An 8-year-old boy begins to lose his best friend, an elderly lady, as her memories fade away to Alzheimer's. Determined to help, he embarks on a journey to rekindle the memories of their friendship.


Piece of Me explores the friendship of a caregiver’s son, Dylan, who befriends an elderly woman with dementia, Mrs. Brooks. Through their shared experiences, they are able to bring out each other’s bliss, wisdom, humor, and thirst for life. When Dylan realizes that Mrs.Brooks's memory is deteriorating, he goes out of his way to ensure that their special bond is never forgotten. He tries his best to be a reminder of her past and the result is a mix of willpower, love, and hope. 



“Alzheimer’s disease is a subject that hits close to home as my beloved grandfather succumbed to it while my aunt is currently suffering from this degenerative condition. Its complex nature adversely inflicts emotional distress on their loved ones mainly because they are commonly incognizant of the proper ways of coping with it. By telling this story through the eyes of an innocent child, I am able to shed light on its repercussions from a positive perspective and heartwarming approach by emphasizing the powerful message that love is unconditional and will always triumph over life’s adversities.”





Mason Wells is an American actor born in Atlanta Georgia to Jon and Mila Wells. At the age of 8, Mason moved to Los Angels California to continue his acting education. He appeared in Film, TV, Commercials, and Musical. He loves sports, Science and Reading. Education is very important to him and is a very big part of his everyday life.

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Roberta Sloan is an actress, director, teacher, and administrator. She received her BA from Northwestern University in Drama Education and her M.A. and Ph.D. from The University of Michigan, in Theatre.  Roberta is a former professor and chair of the Theatre Department at the University of Central Oklahoma. She was Executive Producer of all of the Temple Theaters Productions, including IN CONFLICT which received an Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Award and ran for two months OFF BROADWAY. Sloan has directed and acted in over 200 productions. Dr. Sloan was the Producer and Host of the show “Arts Encounter,”, and she has produced many documentary shows, including the award-winning “Story of Native American Painting.”  While living in Los Angeles, she appeared in films, Music Videos, and some PSA’s. Currently, she is the founder and artistic director of “Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma”. 

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Meghan K Less is a Canadian actress and writer. She grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up on the Canadian Prairies, Meghan was immersed in the medical life - her father, Gordon, a Pediatric surgeon, and her mother, Colleen, a nurse. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry she chose a different path - she went on to study acting in Vancouver, Canada. Six months after graduating from VADA, she landed her first role in the low-budget independent short film, Asperity (2009), which won the BEAC award for best drama. The following year, she played the recurring role as Dr. Katherine Stewart in the Canadian-African produced show, Saints (2010). Meghan is not only a versatile actress and writer, but she is also a skilled horseback rider, winning championships by age 14.

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Ligia Osorio

Line Producer

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 Ligia Osorio is an award-winning Producer from São Paulo based in Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from Universidade Metodista de São Paulo and an Academic Certificate from UCLA in Business and Management of Entertainment and, Producing. Ligia has pursued a career in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, acting as producer, line producer, and executive producer.


Ligia and Bruna met on the set of the feature film HAM ON RYE, where Ligia was UPM, and they have been collaborating since then. Ligia was HEADWAY's Line Producer and was awarded Best Producer at the Queen Palm International Film Festival. She has produced commercially for companies including Disney, TiVo, Pomellato, and FX channel. Ligia was the Executive Producer of New Content Company for 5 years responsible for branded content for major clients including LATAM Airlines, O Boticário, and Volkswagen. 

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Camila Rizzo


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 Camila Rizzo is an award-winning Director and Editor. She graduated in Directing at UCLA and has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. 


Her projects have more than 15 awards and have been selected for over 30 Film Festivals around the world, including Academy Awards Qualifying.


Rizzo has more than 10 years of experience in TV and recently edited a Coca-Cola commercial with Olivia Wilde. Previously, she worked in Rede Globo, a Brazilian Network and the second largest in the world, where she had the opportunity to work in the coverage of the Olympic Games (2016), the World Cup (2014), and in TV shows that were nominee and won the International Emmy Awards.


Bruna and Camila met through a mutual friend and have worked together on several projects since then. 


Teodora Totoiu


Director of Photography

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Teodora Totoiu was born in Romania and raised in California where she received her MFA in cinematography from UCLA. Her background in anthropology and photography inspires her creative approach when shooting scripted narratives, documentaries and music videos. With a passion for visual storytelling, she enjoys collaborating and working creatively to echo each director's vision through texture and movement that best represents and supports their unique narrative voice.


In addition to dozens of short films, she has lensed "Waterschool," which is currently streaming on Netflix, and "Lives, Not Grades," a feature documentary following engineering students who designed and implemented actionable solutions to address the refugee management crisis in Greece, premiering in 2020. 


Her international work spans across ten countries, with shoots in Brazil, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Uganda, India, China and across the U.S.







Bruna Cabral is an award-winning filmmaker from Rio de Janeiro with a passion for creating emotionally remarkable stories. She graduated in Producing and Directing at UCLA. PIECE OF ME is her debut as Director and was awarded the Special Jury Mention Award at Short of the Year Film Festival in Spain and Bruna was awarded the Best First time Director Award at Oniros Film Awards in Italy. Piece of Me won Best International Short Film at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and Best Actress at the Glendale International Film Festival. The short film has been nominated for 14 Festivals, including Chicago International Children’s Film Festival accredited as Academy Award Qualifying. The short film, HEADWAY, Produced by her and Directed by Camila Rizzo, held its World Premiere at LA Shorts International Film Festival, accredited as Academy Award Qualifying, in 2018 and awarded in 12 Festivals. Bruna was awarded Best Producer at the Queen Palm International Film Festival. Her first feature film as Associate Producer, HAM ON RYE, Directed by Tyler Taormina, held its World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, accredited as Academy Award Qualifying, in 2019 and selected for Locarno Film Festival also accredited as Academy Award Qualifying. Bruna won first place award in a Herbalife commercial contest in France in 2016 among more than 300 filmmakers. She was also invited to be a Jury at the Short of the Year Film Festival. Her talent for creativity and productivity led her to work on feature films, short films, commercials, and web-series. Bruna is currently based in Los Angeles.



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“Piece of Me is an excellent short film that offers an excellent inside look at one of most heartbreaking diseases. It showcasing the effects of Alzheimer's on those affected from many angles. In just twenty minutes, tears are guaranteed!


I love that the story shows many perspectives of Alzheimer's Disease. From loved ones, to those actually affected. The camera work is excellent. One shot I especially love is where they are doing a puzzle and the pieces outline the frame. The costumes and sets are very simple and suite the story. The music is well written and helps create a warm tone to the film. The two leading actors are excellent. They perfectly capture their respective character's emotions. My favorite part is the ending! It is personal and well executed.


The message of this film is about the importance of caring for your loved ones and appreciating the time you have with them. I give Piece of Me 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 12 to 18, plus adults. I felt it very personally as dementia runs in my family and, where you are familiar with the disease or not, you will feel an emotional connection.” 

- Reviewed by Erin M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. 


“Piece of Me is a story of a beautiful story of friendship. The age gap is never an issue when it comes to friendship. This is what this short film has shown. However, when the old lady felt the signs of her age, things have become difficult for her. It is just a good thing that her little boy best friend is there to remind her of their friendship and the beauty of life. The concept is heartwarming is simply so cute! All the characters are so lovable! The story will pierce right through your heart. It is touching and beautiful. This film is perfect from acting, pace, storyline, plot, and musical score. I have fallen in love with this short film. Kudos to Director Bruna Cabral.”

- Reviewed by Utah Film Festival and Awards







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Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival

Best International Short Film - Winner

Oniros Film Awards

Best First Time Director - Winner

Best Short Film - Official Selection

Short of the Year

Jury Special Mention Award

Festival Internacional para la niñez y Adolescencia Kolibri

Jury Special Mention Award

Kidz CINEMA 2020

Jury Special Mention Award

Sweden Film Awards SFA 2020

Best Short Film - Winner

Košice International Monthly Film Festival

Best Short Film - Winner

Prague International Monthly Film Festival

Best Production - Winner

Glendale International Film Festival

Best Actress - Winner

Best Short Film - Official Selection

BIMIFF - Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival

Best Actor - Winner

Best Director - Official Selection

Best Cinematography - Official Selection

Best Production Designer - Official Selection

Best Editing - Official Selection

Santa Monica International Film Festival

Honorable Mention

London International Monthly Film Festival

Honorable Mention

Hollywood Women's Film Institute: Hollywood Women's Film Festival


Madrid Film Awards 


Continental Film Festival


Paris Film Festival


London Shorts


Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival


Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Official Selection

Awareness Film Festival

Official Selection


La Femme International Film Festival

Official Selection

DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival

Official Selection


"Hang on to Your Shorts!" Film Festival

Best Director Long Short - Official Selection

Best Actress Long Short - Official Selection

Best Family Movie - Official Selection

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 

Official Selection


Muestra de Cine Mujeres en Escena 

Official Selection 

Kids First! Film Festival

Official Selection

LONG STORY SHORTS International Film Festival

Official Selection

Children's Film Festival Seattle

Official Selection

Film in Focus

Official Selection

Dubai Independent Film Festival

Official Selection

Cineminha B

Official Selection

Kalakari Film Festival

Official Selection

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

Official Selection


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APRIL 18 - 25, 2021




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